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How We Flooded (before the alleviation scheme)


River Flow and Flooding from the River Wansbeck

EA source of Flow data/Flood Risk

Rainfall: our own calculation

N.B. does not take into account possible flooding from the Cottingburn and Church Burn

150m3/s - 225m3/s

(5-25yrs likelihood)

Parts of High Stanners start flooding

occurs at 3mm - 4.5mm/hr continuous rainfall on catchment

225m3/s - 270m3/s

(25-40yrs likelihood)

Mitford Road starts flooding from the road. East Mill starts flooding

occurs at 4.5mm - 5.5mm/hr

270m3/s - 300m3/s

(40-50yrs likelihood)

Mitford Road starts flooding from the river. Oldgate in danger. Newmarket car park starts flooding

occurs at 5.5mm - 6.5mm/hr

300m3/s - 325m3/s

(50-75yrs likelihood)

Walls to north of the river breached. Whole of central Morpeth and Low Stanners start flooding

occurs at 6.5mm - 7mm/hr

325m3/s - 345m3/s

(75-137yrs likelihood)

At 325m3/s it takes about an hour and a half after north wall breached for the Middle Greens defence wall to be breached. It takes about an hour to fill the Greens to a 1m average depth at 345m3/s

occurs at 7mm - 7.5mm/hr

Timeline Sept. 2008