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Alleviation Scheme

The scheme involves upstream storage at Mitford. The best way to prevent flooding in Morpeth is to reduce the quantity of water coming into it. By doing this the new flood protection walls within the town were kept to a minimum

Aerial view of the dam at Mitford - EA

In town works

Although there is upstream storage at Mitford the in town defences were brought up to the equivalent of 1 in 50 years. The overall protection is to a standard that would have protected us from the flooding in September 2008, 1 in 137 years (115yrs by flow, 137yrs by volume). There was work carried out to the Church and Postern burns in town to bring them up to 1 in 100 year standard

Summary of in town work

Flood Alleviation Scheme, work is nearly completed

On 9th February 2012 the Environment Agency Board approved the Morpeth scheme for central funding to the tune of £10.5m. This sum is less than half of the expected cost so we are grateful that Northumberland County Council stepped in to guarantee a further £5m-£12m so it can go ahead.

Work started on 13th February 2013 with the removal of some trees at High Stanners.

April 2013 saw the contractor starting along Mitford Road and High Stanners.

The upstream storage work started in May 2013 and was completed in July 2015

Most in town work was completed by the end of January 2015.

Unfortunately the £1.5m allocated for surface water alleviation has had to be used to pay for increased costs of the main scheme. We have been assured that these works will be completed sometime in the future when they can be afforded. When that is we do not know

Cotting Burn

Some properties adjacent to the Cotting Burn were flooded 3 times in 4 years. We were not entirely satisfied with the proposals in the main scheme for the burn and were looking for improvements.

We collected a petition signed by over 150 residents, who are directly affected, asking for at least a 1 in 100yr protection. This level of protection has now been included in the scheme, work will started Spring 2016.

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